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gra ac articolo

Combined grubber for the working of very strong soils after the ploughing. Available with trailed or half-brought version, hydraulic foldable into 2 sections in order to reduce the encumbrance during the transport.
• Hydraulic foldable frame into 2 sections.
• Tractor arm attack or towing beam with oversize eye.
• Double breaking roller composed by star discs diam. 630 mm and wavy roller diam. 580 mm both mounted on swiveling supports with two conical roller bearings and interchangeable carter system ma/ag.
• Grubber Combi type with rigid anchors arranged on 2 working rows with hydraulic adjustment of the working depth.
• Double roller Croskill type diam. 530 mm (interchangeable with double wavy discs diam. 510 mm).
• Rear harrow comb kit with flex springs 25x25 mm adjustable and manually excludable (accessory at demand).
Chariot with hydraulic handling for the transport on road, wheels 500/50-17 or similar and axle with 8 holes.
Light bar kit.


  GRA 40 AC GRA 50 AC GRA 60 AC
WORK. WIDTH 4,00 5,00 6,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 3,00 3,00 3,00
KG 7780 8230 8610
HP 240/300 280/330 360/400
ACGRA-40 Rear harrow comb with flex spring 25x25 mm for GRA 40 AC
ACGRA-50 Rear harrow comb with flex spring 25x25 mm for GRA 50 AC
ACGRA-60 Rear harrow comb with flex spring 25x25 mm for GRA 60 AC

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