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ripuntatori articolo


  R1 M R1 I
REGUL. Manual Hydraulics
BLADE LENGHT cm 100 cm 100
HP 110/130 110/130
KG 430 450
  R2 F R2 I R3 F R3 I
REGUL. Fixed Hydraulics Fixed Hydraulics
BLADE LENGHT cm 100 cm 100 cm 100 cm 100
HP 130/150 130/150 180/240 180/330
KG 860 1110 980 1330
  R2 S R3 S
BLADE LENGHT cm 100 cm 100
HP 180/240 200/280
KG 1380 1690


ACR Triangular shares
ACR1 Cutting disc diam. 500 for R1
ACR2/3 01 Mechanical depth regulation wheels
ACR2/3 02 Hydraulic depth regulation wheels


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Specialists for over 40 years in the production of innovative equipment for the minimum tillage and the conservative agriculture and for over 10 years specialists also in the seeding machines.


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