GMC-GRA Brought on lift

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GRA articolo


Combined equipment created for the double layer working, very useful on very hard soils. It can be used both as an alternative to the plough and in the minimum tillage, thanks to the hydraulic depth regulation of the anchors group.
Working depth discs 15/20 cm, anchors until 40 cm.
Available in brought on lift version:
• Series GMC for tractors until 180 HP
• Series GRA for tractors until 220 HP
• III point linkage
• Front toothed discs diam. 660 mm thickness 6 mm (or diam. 710 mm thickness 7 mm at demand), manually adjustable in different positions. Discs shaft made of steel square 40x40 mm. Swiveling supports with two conical bearings with interchangeable crankcase, system ma/ag.
• Subsoiler with hydraulically adjustable working depth. Anchors arranged on 2 working rows, equipped with cut-off device with a sharing screw. Interchangeable reversible share.
On the rear it is possible to equip the machine with single Spike roller or a double breaking roller, hydraulic folding.


  G MC 25 P G MC 30 P
DISC N. 10 12
WORK. WIDTH 2,50 3,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,50 3,00
HP 150 180
KG 1750 1880
Ø DISC 660/6 660/6
  G RA 25 P G RA 30 P
DISC N. 10 12
WORK. WIDTH 2,50 3,00
TRANSP. WIDTH 2,50 3,00
HP 180 220
KG 2350 2480
Ø DISCO 660/6 660/6


ACG00710 Hooking up discs 710/7 (each)
ACG25RSP Single Spike roller for GMC25 GRA25
ACG25RST Double star roller for GMC25 GRA25
ACG30RSP Single Spike roller for GMC30 GRA30
ACG30RST Double star roller for GMC30 GRA30
ACG36RSP Single Spike roller for GMC36 GRA36
ACG36RST Double star roller for GMC36 GRA36